Do we always know how to prioritize?

A question that comes up in all of our lives very frequently. Do we know how to prioritize in our life?

This life lesson on priorities is a wonderful way to show and teach someone how to prioritize the most important aspects of life.

Over a period of time in life, we learn how to differentiate between right and wrong. However, we do not know or usually fall short of knowing how to choose our priorities in life.

Every choice we make, has a compromise connected to it. When we choose one path, we automatically move away from another. Imagine a forked road like the one below.

Evaluate the major choices you make in life, and which choice would push you away from those who are close to you and those that would bring / sustain people closer to you. While your priorities keep changing over time, it would help us not to down prioritize ourselves, our families, our personal health in the process.

Ask the oldest person in your circle what did they prioritize in life! You will learn a lot about them and how their choices impacted them and those around them in the long run.

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