How to improve self-confidence?

When we are going through extended difficult times, over a period of time we realize.. somewhere our self-confidence and self-esteem are the ones that get shaken up! Is there a way to rebuild it, even while going through difficult times..?

Losing self-confidence is tough, but it does happen when one has been put through troubling times for a long period of time. Any effort taken up misfires, one step forward leads to three steps backward kind of phase! One does not any longer realize the difference between right efforts or wrong ones, just merely surviving another day becomes the goal.

In those troubling times, some threads became life lessons that stuck to me for a long time!

Sharing some of them

1. The way we look

It makes a HUGE difference in boosting our self-confidence. One look at the mirror and when we smile back at ourselves, that’s a huge boost in our morale. If you do not smile at yourself, change the way you look. Change your hairstyle, get a facial, change your clothes or style of clothing, change your accessories. Anything to get that smile back on your face when you see yourself in the mirror works!

2. Stress

EVERYONE in this world is having a stressful time. Whether we know about it or not is the difference 🙂 From a school kid trying to struggle attending online classes, to CEOs or country leaders, every single one of them is stressed out. Laughter is a good stress-buster! If you feel you are stressed, watch a nice comedy show that makes you laugh! Nothing breaks stress like laughter! At the end of the program, you would feel ready to face yet another day and your confidence building up!

3. Sleep

Sleep regulates hormones in our body. A doctor once told me – if your body does not get 8 hours of sleep, it means it is getting stressed. Go to bed early and wake up early. Somehow the proverb Early to bed and Early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise perfectly fits!

4. Faith

Prayers have a healing effect for not just the one for whom we are praying, but for also the one who is praying! It builds faith. Faith helps builds strength & self-confidence.

5. Blessings

There are some bridges we can cross in life ONLY with blessings. Seek blessings from your elders, teachers and learned ones!

6. Vitamin D

Check your Vitamin D levels and supplement!

7. Success breeds success

Focus on small projects based on what you are good at! For some it is making art, for others it is cooking a nice meal, for some others it is successfully completing a project, for few others it might be gardening, for some it may be visiting a temple and performing a devotional service. What YOU do can depend on what you are good at. Taking small steps to do a small activity and feeling happy that you did it well, and doing it again, and again.. helps build self-confidence that what you do would turn out to be successful!

Did you Realize?

All the above are different ways that make us prioritize ourselves. We as individuals deserve our love and affection, just as much as we are willing to offer others and help another!

However hard your situation, one of the above should work for you! Try it out!

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Always remember, we are braver than we believe, stronger than we seem, and smarter than we think!

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