Ideas from Back to the Future movie

This weekend we watched Back to the Future trilogy. It was amazing to see the improvements that were imagined in 1985.. some of which have not yet come true.. 🙂 So, if you are an entrepreneur or looking out for ideas to build something cool, some of these ideas can lead you to one!

So, listing the potential ideas (or their creativity)

  1. Self tying no lace shoes.. that too from Nike (to all those lazy ones like me.. this one tops the charts :))
  2. Jacket that auto fits based on the size of the person wearing it
  3. Flying cars
  4. Flying trains
  5. Space roads and highway exits that light up
  6. Skyway traffic jams announced on monitors
  7. Ball games shown on Big screen TVs in/near a mall
  8. Bionic implants
  9. Justice system works much faster, so no lawyers needed
  10. Thumb prints to pay for taxi
  11. Holograms based on movie themes (that Jaws effect in reality would be an awesome experience)
  12. Original water bottles in an antique store (how many of us do use a “water bottle” anymore)
  13. Ordering for food on a video monitor, where two shops are advertising their products (Imagine you go to a place and McDonalds and Burger King had a video person advertize their products, say fries and you get to buy one of their products based on what impresses you the most)
  14. Pedaling a bike while eating in a cafe (To all those who are health conscious)
  15. Pepsi dispensers, Pepsi perfect
  16. Power pedaling to keep the games in the cafe working (sort of like renewable energy)
  17. Hoverboard (usage of this concept for plain hoverboards, cars, trains etc was interesting)
  18. Inverted hoverboard
  19. Wet clothes auto drying mode built in into it
  20. Dust repellant paper
  21. Cameras powered by drones capturing news live and telecasting it across all city monitors
  22. Usage of thumbprint to ID near the location of an accident
  23. Moving litter boxes on the road (preventing people from littering on the ground)
  24. Voice activated system to switch on lights inside the house (Yes.. some houses have this now :))
  25. Drones taking dogs for a walk
  26. Hydrators making (or should I call it hydrating) a pizza
  27. Fresh fruit growing in table top gardens that fold into the ceiling
  28. On video calls, the ID, name, personal details, address, personal preferences are all listed during the call
  29. Multiple channels on a Large screen TV (something like Picture in Picture but 8 channels)
  30. Windows can tune to a variety artistic scenaries based on mood and voice activated (WOW)
  31. Firing someone over a video call and following it up with a fax (HR would love this)
  32. Doors do not have door knobs, but open with a thumbprint
  33. Usage of biodegradable energy to power things
  34. Usage of lightning to power the car

Do leave a comment if you know of any that I missed from the movie..

The part which amazed me most was that all these ideas were thought through 35 years back, and we have not been able to build some of these even now. Are these possible today in the era of digital transformation? Can we delve to make some of these? We have lot more access to technology, artificial intelligence and robotics now – than 35 years back… let us see how we write our future!

To all those who are dreamers and not technologists – Can we dream of things that simplify our lives, would be useful, helpful to us or others, using technology in simple, common places of interest. Can we dream of a future suite of technologies that the world can look up down the line and work to make it come true..?

How I wish I could go back in time….

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