Drink water, stay hydrated

Drinking water is therapeutic! While I have heard of water therapy, I have realized over years that it is necessary only when you have multiple health issues arising out of excessive toxins in your body and for the rest, a simple, normal drinking water routine during the day should help!

When students play in the band, they are asked to bring 5 liters of water everyday and drink it! The extent of water needed by the body is directly proportional to how much of physical and mental activity we do. Usually I have seen people consider the physical activity, and drink water to beat the tiredness. However, it is important to consider the day long work that we end up doing in front of the computers sitting, using up our mental resources. Water helps calm our mind as well…!

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Our body loses water constantly. Unless your body is dehydrated to a large extent, one does not feel thirsty. So, how to find out when your body needs water and when should you drink water and when you should switch to other fluids..?

  1. You are feeling like you cannot concentrate and are running low on productivity
  2. Your energy levels are running low
  3. Without the usual migraine or headache triggers, you are getting one
  4. You have stones in your kidney
  5. You drink a LOT of coffee
  6. You tend to have a lot of gas and/or are consitpated frequently
  7. Your physical activity levels (exercise, dancing, running etc) are very high
  8. You have been sitting in front of the computer and doing a LOT of mental work
  9. You drink a lot of carbonated drinks

While the above can give you a hint that you might be getting dehydrated, drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day might seem too much, but would be required for people with the above symptoms.

When to switch from water to other fluids?

  1. When you are highly active and you drink an excessive amount of water, your body starts losing valuable nutrients. Like athletes, people who play in the band etc.
  2. Alternating water intake and fluid intake would be good for these people (like Gatorade / Glucon C, Glucon D types). It brings back the balance of nutrients and retains the energy levels in the body.
  3. When you are drinking a lot of water and you end up sneezing a lot, or running to the bathroom frequently, you know it is time to reduce your water intake!

So, next time you feel tired, or see someone working for long, have a glass of water and make them feel “refreshed” 🙂

Stay safe and healthy!

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