Walking – Observe the way we walk

Why do we need to observe the way we walk? Do we not know how to walk? Is there a right way and can it be corrected. It was interesting to see how a simple walking technique can bridge many health issues.

Observe how you walk and have someone look at it and share feedback.

When you place a foot forward, observe how your foot lands on the ground.

Which parts of your foot (soles) touch the ground first? Write it down.

Observe again – which parts of your foot (soles) does NOT touch the ground first or ever. Write it down.

Anyone who has learned dancing as a child will be used to placing their front part of the foot (as in #3 above) first and then landing in #2 position.

Check whether you put your heel on the ground first (as in Step 1), then flatten your foot completely (as in Step 2) and then lift the other foot (as in Step 3) before moving it ahead of your other foot.

When we land our feet on the ground, the heel of the foot needs to be the first one to land, as it helps relax our knees and joints. When we stand straight, relax hips and pelvis and then move the other foot forward and lean our body forward in the process, it helps our spine align.

Most of us have the habit of holding the knees tightly, causing knee pain while walking. Practice the above 3 steps slowly and steadily, without putting pressure on your knees and increase to 5 minute walks, 10 minute walks and get comfortable walking in this posture.

Keep your back straight the whole time.

When you adjust the soles and place your feet heel first, it takes some practice, but your posture and underlying posture issues and knee pain, back pain issues can be relieved. Do it under the guidance of a physiotherapist or healing practitioner to gain the benefits without hurting yourself.

When I tried these myself, I could feel the muscles in my feet feel the soreness initially. It took some time to build the stamina in my legs and relax my knees from feeling the pressure. Walking became much more enjoyable and easier.

Stay healthy! Stay safe!

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