Planting & Nourishing calendar for your zone

For those who garden, growing seasonal vegetables and fruits and knowing what to grow when comes naturally! A novice tries to look for supporting information, tools and technology to get there! Sharing what I have learned during my gardening ventures..!

Farmers Almanac publishes the details about which plants can be grown in which zip codes, during which seasons and when to plant indoors and outdoors for all possible vegetables.

Access the Farmers Almanac here

One needs to just change the zip code on the link and you can get your customized planting calendar that works for your local area. Additional inputs on soil, zone, frosting etc also are available on it.

Groups of communities across US have been using this for the past few years and we have seen this work!

The SmartPlant App has the list of all the plants that can be identified, where you can place it in your home and maintain a nourishing calendar for the same.

For this season, a combination of the Planting calendar from the Almanac and the nourishing calendar through SmartPlant app would be helpful!

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