Data science and analytics courses

With the increase in technology innovations and gadgets collecting data, there is a new field that has emerged over the past few years – Data science! This deals with a structured way of analyzing the data, understanding trends and potentially gaining the ability to predict based on the same.

Many (if not all) the multinational organizations have a line of business focusing on data analytics. There interesting part is, earlier it only used to focus on systems that have been computerized. With the advent of wearable technologies, it has percolated a much larger consumer base. This paves its way into one of the top few highly aspired jobs.

While there are a multitude of courses from many training providers and universities, over the past few years have seen the fundamentals being the most relevant one that connects the dots in the minds of attendees.

If you are an IT professional, and you have been working with data analytics and reporting tools, you might need a much more deeper version than the ones mentioned below.

For high school students, college graduates (not focusing on Computer science major), working on research projects or internships and IT professionals who have been working with data collection, processing and analyzing to some level in their day to day operations – you will find this course useful.

Costs about $490+ and spread over 1.5 year

Access the course through this link –

College graduates who are looking for a Micromasters, working professionals who want a deeper courses on Data science and move into Analytics projects in / outside your organization – you will find the below course useful.

Costs about $1500 and spread over 1 year and 3 months

Access the course through this link –

For those working in the IT industry on different business domains (Banking / Insurance / Healthcare etc) and have gained over a decade of experience, and looking to switch your profession to a Business analyst – you might want to look for a blended two-part course – One focusing on the Domain and future, second part focusing on Business analytics. Courses for those would be different.

Posted this blog based on the requests received during coaching sessions from students and IT professionals.

If you are a working professional looking for a career change or a student looking for a counseling session on the next steps, post a comment with your request. Will be happy to discuss!

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