Excessive handwashing – moisturize

We are used to washing our hands and the current outbreak has created a new level of awareness around it! For some, it causes dermatitis – skin peeling off in the hands, skin rashes. Sharing the tips and precautions that I took when we went through a round of skin rashes due to handwashing last year!

If you are involved in gardening, hand washing pots and pans (post party cleanup :)), cooking for long hours, you end up using detergent, dishwashing liquid, hand wash soap, bath soap and multiple things together with constant or excessive handwashing, one can end up with skin rashes and skin peel offs. If one gets these rashes (dermatitis), it is very quick to spread and the others at home might get it at the same time, or wait their turn! Some precautions that can be taken if you are using multiple soaps / detergents at home

  1. Try to minimize antiseptics like Dettol etc and washing your hands periodically with that
  2. Try to avoid using hard soaps for handwashing
  3. Use a mild handwashing soap – something with milk & honey works as it does not leave your hands dry and scaly after a wash
  4. Choose a dishwashing soap that you have used always and never had issues. This is not the time to try new products and experiment if you are rash prone
  5. Moisturize your hands frequently – multiple hand washes takes away moisture from the skin leaving it dry and scaly
  6. Wear a gloves if you know you might need to do a lot of dishwashing
  7. People with eczema are usually known to be sensitive to fabric softeners and are advised to switch to a mild one or even avoid using one.
  8. People with sensitive skin even look to switch to Johnson and Johnson baby soap (as mild as that) when they have breakouts on their hands
  9. Any skin moisturizer that works for you – be sure to apply it liberally
  10. If the skin peel off is sever, apply a few drops of coconut oil and leave it overnight, your skin will heal much better by morning.

Take precautions and be safe!

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