Copper toxicity can be serious

Drinking water in copper utensils, eating food made in copper utensils is a common practice in some countries. I have grown up hearing the same as well. However, want to share the extent to which that can be helpful and harmful to a few people making them one in a million for some kind of diseases.

IUD is available using Copper in some countries and the woman was recommended to use one as a normal procedure. This is her story about how it helped her health condition and then worsened the same over a period of 4 years. With severe cough, cold and chest congestion, her heart right auricle enlarge and there was bleeding in her heart. As multiple organs were impacted, doctors did not immediately go for any surgical procedures. Meanwhile the Copper IUD was implanted, and she was told that copper would help heal her heart and bring normalcy back to her life. In about six months, she had rectal bleeding and was advised to go for a Colonoscopy and there were polyps found and treated. Her weight loss stopped after that and she was not yet gaining weight.

Her periods that used to last for 2-3 days started extending to 25-28 days with a 2-3 day break in between her cycles. Doctors felt some women face a different reaction to the IUD and wanted to check her overall health. Overall health check except thyroid came out to be normal. She was diagnosed as Hypothyroid and started her meds. The hole in her heart had healed (owing to the excess copper in her body).

Slowly, extended periods became the norm of life and after four years, she had the IUD removed. Her heart and rest of the organs were normal as per tests conducted. However, in 4 months she was diagnosed with Brain Tumor (size of a tangerine) and had to have it surgically removed. Multiple health complications followed like issues with Liver, Gall bladder removal, kidney issues, Tinnitus, Hot flashes, loss of mobility and motor skills and the woman took about a year or so to get back to normalcy.

Apparently, the polyps that had formed at the onset were an indication that the Copper in her body was excessive and those started turning to tumors over a period of time and Copper helps the tumors to breathe and so the tumors survived for this long, making it a fatal reaction in her body.

Not everyone who has food in copper utensils goes through such a severe reaction. However, there are some whose body composition needs copper to some extent, after that is fulfilled – it starts becoming excessive. Too much of anything has an adverse effect on the body. Knowing how much is too much and maintaining a balance is extremely critical. Periodic health check ups help identify and address long term reactions and issues as well!

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