French fries

Potato fries remain kids favorite for a long time! Different types of fries gives it an additional sense of satisfaction!

Simple thin cut fries with sauce go well just by themselves, or as a side to gravy dishes!

Thin crispy fries

French cut strips can be deep fried, air fried or baked in the oven! Taste different – but good however they are made!

Fries garnished with chopped parsley

Seasoning fries makes a huge difference!

French fries seasoned with ground black pepper and rock salt

Mix paprika, ground pepper, garlic powder, rock salt and chopped parsley and sprinkle it on the fries. Goes well with ranch.

The way the fries are cut somehow makes it seem like a different dish for kids 🙂 Top it off with cheese, chopped tomatoes and sour cream! Makes a great snack while watching movies or TV shows.

Waffle-cut fries – Yes.. it makes it a different dish for sure 🙂

The way kids love to eat fries 🙂

The way mothers want kids to eat their fries

Sweet potato fries are equally tasty!

Waffle fries pizza – interesting 🙂

Next time you are looking to have fries, try out the different flavors of seasoning or garnish or topping! Enjoy the flavors!

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