Omnicron – What can we plan ahead?

The new COVID-19 variant Omnicron is spreading very fast! Some tips to be aware and take precautions!

After dealing with hand washing and sanitizing, waiting to get vaccinated, then getting fully vaccinated, and thereafter ending up getting COVID, and figuring out how to survive through it as families local and international recover through it and now facing another variant, feel some tips are well worth reiterating!

Remember to implement these

  1. Mask is mandatory, especially when we step outside the house.
  2. Avoid large social gatherings, however if you MUST attend some, ensure you wear masks. For Omnicron variant N95 masks seem to be the ones recommended.
  3. Mask is mandatory indoors, when someone at home has tested positive and is recovering
  4. Ensure you do not go low on Vitamin D. Not only does it help combat the body aches, but helps us be able to move around amidst it as well.
  5. Ensure you have the habit of eating an orange or consuming Orange juice (or any form of Vitamin C that works for you).
  6. Some countries prescribe Zinc, some let individuals decide based on their food habits. Foods like garlic, spinach, chickpeas, broccoli, meats, mixed nuts and many more have plenty of Zinc. Including some of these in your daily diet helps!
  7. Drink plenty of fluids – water works best. Tendency to get dehydrated significantly increases when you have body aches (as we tend to focus on battling the aches and miss out on water consumption). Orange juice, water, whatever works for you. Keep a bottle and drink little by little constantly instead of one whole bottle at a time.
  8. Keep some snacks ready in the pantry – saltines, cookies, cheerios, crackers, peanuts – any finger food helps!
  9. Have Vicks or Halls or Ricola sore throat/cough drops handy. Chewing or eating them helps avoid vomiting bouts as well.
  10. Headache is hard to combat. Children and adolescents seem to complain of headache first. Let them lie down and rest. Change the activity, conversations, TV shows, rub an ice cube on the forehead and sleep it out.
  11. Cough and Common cold – The most prevalent symptom of Omnicron seen so far. For congestion in the nose/chest, use saline water spray in your nostrils to clear them up. Talk to your physician and get yourself tested if you have cough with common cold and body aches.
  12. Shortness of breath – Talk to your doctor and have an inhaler handy. Some more tips shared earlier ->

CDC guidelines ->

  1. Where to get tested? What is the local place to get tested – molecular tests or Rapid PCR tests? Would you get tested post recommendation from a physician, or do it yourself? Will the insurance pay for it? If yes, how many times and if not, how do you need to plan for it. Know the answers to these questions in your local communities.
  2. Plan for food delivery service for the first week when people fall sick in a household. While you would be busy focusing on scheduled doctor calls, vaccination, IV needs, evaluating need for antibodies, who would get groceries and who would cook? What meals will be cooked and who can eat them? Suddenly, these simple activities would seem quite complex. Have a friends circle or local community to help setup a meal-train when one of you fall sick. Identify the list of food items and have a plan set in place. Would help mentally relax and just focus on health and recovery.

A bit of planning and being prepared, wearing masks and stepping out can significantly help reduce the anxiety.

Stay safe! Stay healthy!

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