Song and rangoli combination

Some songs touch our souls. Last week I got to listen to this song during virtual Navaratri celebrations in my local community, and since then I cannot stop listening to it. It was interesting to see a rangoli pattern that goes with this song!

Srichakra raja simhasaneswari song somehow touches my soul every time I listen to it.

This above song is sung in Tamil language.

Got to see this video that draws the Sri chakram in a rangoli form by a lady speaking Kannada language.

Somehow languages did not matter while listening to the song or watching her make the rangoli.

Such beautiful music and art creations and combinations are rare to find! Felt blessed!

Had written an article earlier in February on how Tesla, Chladni and the sound effects make a Srichakram.. It was interesting to see how a rangoli adds on to the mix!

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