Are you middle-aged?

I used to think age is a matter of the mind, and as long as we keep our thoughts fresh – what is the point of having a number to depict your age? But as days and years pass by, realized a clear definition of a middle-aged person…

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What to do while you are recovering at home during the pandemic

With all the news and guidelines circulating around, collated some of the information gathered from those who have recovered during the pandemic, while self-quarantining themselves at home. Sharing it for the benefit of all!

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Our Health is in Our Hands

Literally! Our palms and feet have nerve endings that run through all our body systems and organs. When we find the right points and massage them, we will be able to relieve the pain and improve the health of the respective organs. Interesting concept, I might not have believed it and would have laughed it off if I had not personally used it. My father in law got me the “Health in your Hands” book by Dr. Devendra Vora. That book changed my life!

The concept of pressure points in our body and systemically improving our health works perfectly when we use it right! Sharing some of the things I have got to learn thus far…

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