What to keep in a Medicine cabinet

What medicines and first aid equipment needs to be there at home? What do we keep in our medicine cabinet/ drawer for emergencies?

Medicine cabinet

Medicine cabinet items

While the names of the medicines might differ across geographies, the list remains the same!

  1. Band-aid
  2. Fever reducer
  3. Pain reliever
  4. Cough and Cold relief
  5. Vitamin C
  6. Thermometer
  7. Ointment for cuts and burns
  8. Ointment for muscle sprains
  9. Vicks
  10. Cotton swabs
  11. Gauze
  12. Prescription medicines
  13. Cough drops
  14. Heat pack
  15. Hot water bottle
  16. Insect bites spray
  17. Sunscreen
  18. Aloe Vera (for relief from sun burns)
  19. Ointment for sore gums (like Orajel)
  20. Gas relief
  21. Multi-Vitamins

Check the expiry dates on the medicines at least once in 3 months and replace as needed!

For those who prefer home remedies

A set of herbs, spices and essential oils that will help for basic first aid and instant relief at home!

  1. Turmeric (for cuts, burns and as an antiseptic)
  2. Cloves / Clove oil (for tooth and gum ache)
  3. Band aid
  4. Eucalyptus oil (for steam inhaling)
  5. Tea tree oil (for insect bites/stings)
  6. Cinnamon powder (for headaches)
  7. Hot water bottle
  8. Aloe Vera plant (to cut and use the leaves as needed)
  9. Mustard (for colds)
  10. Oranges (Vitamin C)
  11. Cranberries (or juice)
  12. Mixed nuts
  13. Tamarind Date balls (for gas relief)
  14. Epsom salt
  15. Ginger and Garlic

While most of the home remedy items are available in the kitchen, knowing when and how to use them is critical

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