Pranas and Life activities

We saw the different types of mudras in the previous blog. Now let us look at the how some of the mudras are connected to the basic life activities of human body.

  1. Prana: Faculty of perception
    • This controls the five-fold perceptions of our body, that is seeing, touching, smelling, hearing and tasting.
  2. Apana: Faculty of excretion
    • Controls the excretion of feces, urine, sperm, sputum, perspiration etc
  3. Samana: Faculty of digestion
    • Digests food received by the body
  4. Vyana: Faculty of circulation
    • Distributes digested food to different parts of the body
  5. Udana: Faculty of thought-absorption
    • Takes in fresh knowledge

Now, see which area of your body your mind you are having a problem with and focus on doing the mudras to help you improve those areas.

For example, if one is sweating a lot, doing Apana mudra to control it helps! If one is taking excessive time to digest, focus on practising Samana mudra. If one is finding it difficult to study, focus on practising Udana mudra. You get the gist!

Apana Mudra
Prana Mudra
Vyana Mudra
Udana Mudra

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