Weekend shares

When our articles become conversation starters, it feels great!

The post on Atma Karakas seemed to have triggered a few conversations and a consult! Thanking my Guru (teachers) for the opportunity!

Some of my friends started their gardening journeys, planting herbs and root crops after reading the planting days in January article!

Twelve of us have started drinking water every morning and update each other… good habits!

Received an audio of a mother teaching her children Maithreem Bhatajam song inspired by the article!

A friend made the Fudge brownies and shared pictures 🙂

Got to connect with a few old friends about Guruvayur Kesavan! Got an opportunity to learn many more such experiences in other temples. Will write about them when I get a chance!

Varied conversations about age and attitude!

Feeling thankful and filled with gratitude 🙏🏻 Thank you for taking time to read, and share how you feel about the articles! Humbled 🙏🏻

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